Birds in Texas

Bird photos were taken in the Twin Elms Ranch, the Hill Country State Natural Area near Bedera, and South Llano River State Park near Junction during a birding trip (led by Dennis Palafox from the Travis Audobon in Austin). Additional photos were taken in the desert environment in the Big Bend National Park and Terlingua, and Aransas National Wildlife Refuge near Rockport.

P1-2 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

P3-4 Vermilion Flycatcher

P5-6 Cardinal

P7-8 Black-crested Titmouse

(Left P9) Eastern Bluebird    (Right P10) Golden-cheeked Warbler

(Left P11) Bewick's Wren    (Right P12) White-crowned Sparrow

(Left P13) Brown-headed Cowbird Female    (Right P14) Chipping Sparrow

(Left P15) Carolina Chickadee    (Right P16) Male and Female Lesser Goldfinch

(Left P17) Barn Swallow    (Right P18) Western Kingbird

((Left P19) Ladder-backed Woodpecker    (Right P20) Lark Sparrow

(Left P21) House Finch    (Right P22) Brown-headed Cowbird

(Left P23) Roadrunner    (Right P24) Cooper's Hawk

(Left P25) Ash-throated Flycatcher    (Right P26) Scott's Oriole

(Left P27) Lark Sparrow    (Right P28) Cactus Wren

(Left P28) Turkey Vulture    (Right P30) Black Vulture

(Left P31) Great Egret    (Right P32) Great Blue Heron

(Left P33) Female Ladder-backed Woodpecker    (Right P34) Mexican Jay

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