We stayed for two nights in Hotel Skaftafell just outside the national park. On the second day, we drove eastward to the glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon. It is located at the head of the Breioamerkurjokull Glacier and is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by a small inlet. Melting of the glacier generated lots of icebergs, large and small, in the lagoon. Visitors can get very close to the lagoon and the icebergs. We spent several hours there, just looking the wonderful nature creation. It is unlike anything that we have seen before.

Tourists can go in zodiacs trying to reach out and touch the ice floes. We saw overturning of the icebergs a couple of times when the icebergs become unstable as the underwater parts melt.

Before dinner we went up a hill behind Hotel Skaftafell where a glacier ends. We saw a group of 6 people moving around in the glacier. They appeared to have a hard time maneuvering around the crevesses to get out. But eventually they did get to the road.

We also saw one man going into the glacier by himeself. It is a bit strange since it was around five in the afternnon. Like the earlier group, he has to maneuver around the crevesses, but he was going into the glacier (and not getting out). We figured he was looking for some stuff that was left behind.

We stayed and watched, curious about what was going on. At some point, he disappeared behind a crevess. We waited 15 minutes and nothing happened. We were about to give up and then saw two people, that man and a woman, popped up. They then made their way back to the road. The woman walked surefootedly on the glacier and did not appear to be injured.

We never knew what happened. One hypothesis is that the woman's ice crampons were lost/damaged. It is extremely dangerous to walk on glaciers without crampons. The man went out of the glacier earlier and got another set of carmpons in order to get her out.

We saw, sort of, our first Northern Lights from rooftop of hotel at Skaftafell. For the naked eye, they are just shimmering white wispy strands - like thin clouds. The photos below are enhanced by increasing the exposure by 100% and the contrast by 50%. Interestingly enough, there is a tint of green in the enhanced photos.

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