Views from Lochmoor House

(Left) Sunrise                                 (Right) Mist across the lake      

(Left) Snow on Mount Si          (Right) Winter in the Cascades      

(Left) Sunrise          (Right) Alpenglow on Mount Si

(Left) Partial lunar eclipse Jan 20, 2019          (Right) Total lunar eclipse Jan 20, 2019      

(Left) Lake Sammamish from deck             (Right) Mount Si in the distance      

(Left) Mount Si shrouded in cloud/fog             (Right) Unknown mountain covered with snow     

(Left) Plateau basking in setting sun             (Right) July 4th firework at City of Sammamish      

(Left) Rainbow             (Right) Double rainbow      

(Left) End of rainbow at the lake             (Right) Where is the pot of gold?      

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