Padilla Bay Reserve (near Anacortes,WA)

(Left) Estuarine in the Padilla Bay Reserve.       (Right) Great Blue Heron

(Left) Great Blue Herons on a mud flat in the middle of Padilla Bay. I've never seen so many herons in one place. Oil refinery in Anacortes in the background.       (Right) Herons with seals in the foreground.
(Photos quality is not good as they were taken 2-3 miles away using a 40x optical magnification enhanced to 160x with digital magnification. In addition, there is lots of shimmering (atmospheric turbulence between the herons and the camera. But the appearance of a flock of Great Blue Herons together with seals and an oil refinery is too rare to pass up.)

Left) Savannah Sparrow       (Right) Song Sparrow

(Left) Song Sparrow       (Right) Song Sparrow

(Left) Yellow-tip Black Bird       (Right) Wood Duck Female

(Left) Cedar Waxwing       (Right) European Starling Juvenile

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