Steptoe Butt State Park, WA

The field trips were organized by the Eastern Washington chapter of the Native Plant Society and hosted by the Eastern Washington University at Cheney WA. We went on two of those field trips: the Steptoe Butt State Park in Washington and the Clarkia Fossil Site near Clarkia in Idaho.

Steptoe Butt State Park is more than an hour and half from Cheney. At the top of the butt, there is a great view of the rolling agricultural field in the Palouse. We spent lots of time looking at native and non-native plants on the slopes.

Cultivated fields from Steptoe Butt State Park. Forested area in the state partk in the foreground

Marmot enjoying the view


(Left) Geranium       (Right) Black Hawthorne


(Left) Lithophragma       (Right) Triteleia

(Left) Besseya       (Right) Shooting Star

(Left) Iris       (Right) Lomatium dissectum

(Left) Unknown       (Right) Unknown

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Clarkia Fossil Site (ID)

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